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Welcome to the OpenAlgo Community on Discord! This is your hub for connecting with fellow developers and algo traders, sharing insights, getting support, and collaborating on projects.

How to Join

To become a part of our growing community, please use the invitation link below: Join the OpenAlgo Discord Community and you can raise your issues and feature request in openalgo github section

Community Guidelines

  • Respect: Treat every member with respect. No harassment or discrimination is tolerated.

  • Collaboration: Feel free to ask for help and offer support. Share your knowledge and learn from others.

  • No Spam: Keep discussions on-topic. Avoid spamming channels with promotions or irrelevant content.

  • Intellectual Property: Respect copyright laws and do not share illegal downloads or copyrighted content.

  • Privacy: Do not share personal information of yourself or others.

Channels and Their Purposes

  • #general: General discussions related to algo trading and development.

  • #developers: Technical discussions about OpenAlgo's API, SDKs, and development.

  • #algotraders: Strategies, tips, and discussion for algo traders.

  • #announcements: Stay updated with the latest news and events.

  • #trading-platforms: Discuss various platforms and tools for trading.

  • Event Time: 02nd April 2024 (7.30 p.m IST)

  • Agenda Highlights: Discover features of OpenAlgo v1.0, integration techniques, plugin systems, and the roadmap for v2.0.

Support and FAQ

How can I get help with an issue?

Post your question in the relevant channel. For technical issues, use #developers, and for trading-related inquiries, use #algotraders.

Are there any regular events or meetups?

Yes, we host the OpenAlgo Virtual Meet annually. You can find the details in the #announcements channel.

How do I report inappropriate behavior?

Contact a moderator via direct message or use the @moderator tag in the #general channel.


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Contact Us

For direct support or inquiries, please contact the community moderators or reach out through the following email:

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