Version Launched

8th April 2024

Key Features of OpenAlgo

  • Multi-platform Automation: Directly integrate with leading trading platforms to automate trading strategies.

  • Minimalist UI: A clean and intuitive interface provides immediate access to essential trading books (order, trade, position, and holdings) and API logs for streamlined operation.

  • Comprehensive API Support: Enjoy broad functionality with APIs for order placement, modification, cancellation, and more.

  • Multi-Broker Compatibility: Initially supporting Angel, Upstox, and Zerodha, 5 Paisa, Fyers, Kotak, Dhan, and ICICI Direct and have plans to extend to other brokers.

  • Flexible Access: Utilize ngrok for custom domain support, facilitating access to the application and trading automation from anywhere.

List of Supported Brokers

  1. 5Paisa

  2. Angel Broking

  3. Dhan

  4. Fyers

  5. ICICI Direct

  6. Kotak

  7. Upstox

  8. Zerodha

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