Version Launched

23rd June 2024

New Features

  • Flask Version Management: Added Flask version management in the environmental file. The OpenAlgo version is now displayed in the footer.

# OpenAlgo Flask App Version Management
  • Setup Configuration Route: If the app is launched for the first time, attempting to log in without any signup will redirect to the /setup configuration route for user registration.

  • Flask Host and Port Configuration: Added Flask Host IP, Port Number, and Debug settings in the environmental file.

    # OpenAlgo Flask App Host and Port Configuration
    FLASK_HOST_IP='' # For (accessible from other devices on the network)
    FLASK_PORT='5000' # Default Port is 5000

Smart Order Delay Configuration: Added a 0.5 second delay configuration for placing multi-legged smart orders to accommodate API rate limiting by brokers. Brokers typically rate limit position book requests to 1 request/second. Sudden multiple requests can result in order failures. The delay parameter can be controlled as follows:


Bug Fixes

  • None listed for this version.

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